Kawaii Hito

Author: Saitou Ken
Artist: Saitou Ken
Synopsis: Hanazono is a 27-year old young man who runs a flower shop. Unfortunately, he's not pretty or beautiful like the flowers at all! Everyone is afraid of Hanazono because of his eyes. But the truth is, he's actually a really nice person. His miserable life all changes when he meets Suzuka Hiyori, a beautiful young college student. She wants to be his girlfriend! Wait, what? Follow the tale of this adorable couple in Kawaii Hito!
Volume 02
by Phoenix Serenade, 2017.09.18
Volume 01
by Phoenix Serenade, 2017.08.06
by Phoenix Serenade, 2017.04.12
by Phoenix Serenade, 2016.07.30
by Phoenix Serenade, 2016.04.29