Hakoniwa no Soleil

Author: Kawabata Shiki
Artist: Kawabata Shiki
Synopsis: After visiting her deceased teacher's grave, a guy suddenly falling of the staircase where Asahi Sena ended up saving him. That guy, Itsuki Tobari turned out to be her deceased teacher's younger brother. They started to talk about things from the past, about the death of Itsuki's sister and an 11-year-old boy who killed her, who was Sena's bestfriend. What happened to the boy who killed her now? Together, they start to find out what did actually happen during that tragic day.
Volume 02
by Phoenix Serenade, 2018.04.16
by Phoenix Serenade, 2017.12.17
Volume 01
by Phoenix Serenade, 2017.10.28
by Phoenix Serenade, 2017.09.15
by Phoenix Serenade, 2017.07.02
by Phoenix Serenade, 2017.06.03